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Hey, Beatles Fans!

We have sold them to musicians and Beatle tribute bands all over the country and we call them BeatBoots, but they have been called many names: Beatle Boots, Mersey Boots, Chelsea Boots, Winklepickers, and so on. When Beatles first got their “Beatle Boots”, they were actually flamenco-style dance boots, were occasionally worn by local “mods” and soon became an integral part of 60's fashion. They completed the official fab Beatle look, co-ordinating perfectly with their collarless suits and, of course the hair. (What a big deal the hair was back then!) As soon as the Beatles were seen wearing them, they instantly became the rage and were immediately adopted and worn by ALL the Mersey area “beat groups”. They are still considered part of 60's retro fashion and style, just like the iconic Beatle guitars - George Harrison's Gretsch Country Gentleman, Paul McCartney's Höfner violin bass, the famous ¾ size black 6-string Rickenbacker for John Lennon and the fireglo 12-string Rickenbacker for George. Even the Ringo Starr Ludwig drum kit became iconic and all Beatle instruments and items are still highly sought after today. In short, everything “Beatle” is still cool -- especially Beatle Boots.

As soon as the Beatles broke out as the biggest thing in England, every other English band (and there were many) immediately copied their music, instruments, amplifiers, hair, and clothing, which included their nicknamed Beatle - style boots. These bands include, but are not limited to the Rolling Stones, The Kinks, Dave Clark 5, Animals, Herman's Hermits, The Who, Zombies, Shadows, etc. Then, of course, as the Beatles became an institution in America, so did the boots. Even Elvis wore them for his so-called '68 Comeback Concert. The Beatles were fab, everyone knew it, and young people wanted to be as much like them as possible. Later on, many varied styles of the boot became popular, too, with much higher uppers and zippers, etc.


Factory Seconds Sale!

We have some first quality left, but mostly factory seconds. These boots have all the integrity as the first quality ones, except they might have a scratch, scrape, or extra wrinkle in the leather. All of them look fine and after a couple of wearings will look and feel like the others.

Sizes 10 - 11 1/2 Available


$70.00 + $14.00 s. & h.



These Beat Boots are the most faithful re-creation of the original “Ed Sullivan era” boots worn by the Beatles. They were designed from old photos, films, and even an advertisement found in an old copy of the Mersey Beat English music magazine, then custom-made in the USA a few years ago. These boots are all leather, inside and out, and have the 2-inch Cuban heel, the center seam down the front, and the elastic gussets on the sides, which are all authentic and as close to the originals as humanly possible. We have sold hundreds and hundreds of pairs and right now, the only remaining sizes are 10 thru 11 ½ and when these are gone - they are gone. They are all D width, so we're very sorry for all you guys with extra wide “Flintstone Feet”, but these boots just won't fit you. However, for everyone else, they run pretty true to size and look mighty good with all jeans, but especially good with a pair of old Seafarer flared out or bell bottom Jeans. I personally wear them for dress shoes and still get positive comments quite often. And for you musicians, these BeatBoots look KILLER onstage! From Blues to punk, from country to rap, BeatBoots look great onstage for all artists.

Since some of the remaining pairs of boots have a slight surface abrasion or extra soft wrinkle from being folded up in a box, we are calling them all “seconds” and are discounting them from $125 down to $70 USD. However, if you insist on having a First quality pair of BeatBoots, I'll be more than happy to search through the boxes until I find a perfect pair for you for $125. Either way, you'll be stylin' big time in these fab re-created Beatle Boots from the 60's as they still maintain their place as a part of 60's fashion.

--Satisfaction Guaranteed--

First Quality Beatboots
Available in Sizes 10 through 11.5
Factory Seconds
Available in Sizes 10 through 11.5
- For U.S. orders, add $14 per pair shipping and handling. Shipping costs outside the U.S. to be determined.
Florida residents will be charged $7.50 sales tax. Visa and Mastercard accepted.
Sorry, no CODs. Shipping within 3-4 days.

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